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Zabawki z leśnych skarbów

Ciepłe, jesienne dni warto wykorzystać na spacery z dziećmi i wspólną zabawę, w tym czasie lasy bogate są nie tylko w grzyby, ale też mnóstwo skarbów, z których można stworzyć genialne, naturalne zabawki.
Żołędzie, kasztany, szyszki, patyki, liście, to wszystko może posłużyć do zabawy, wystarczy trochę uruchomić wyobraźnię :).
Z pewnością pamiętacie jeszcze z czasów przedszkola żołędziowe ludki :D, na dziś przygotowałam garść podobnych inspiracji, które możecie wykorzystać podczas wspólnej zabawy z dziećmi :).

Acorn Animals:

Acorn-capped painted miniature wooden NÖM figures, by Aimee Ray of and archived on her Flickr feed, where her handle is "merwing" (8 Nov. 2010). #peg people #peg doll #gnome:

Why not go for a walk with your little ones and collect leaves to make autumnal animal pictures:

Make these quick + easy autumn fall kids crafts in under 30 minutes with basic supplies! No special tools or skills are needed, so ANYONE can get crafty!:

Something fun to do with Ian.:

Pine Cone Owl: These adorable pine cone owls are a fun autumn craft for kids of any age.   You can combine this craft with a nature hike to find the pine cones, acorn cups and leaves used in the activity.:

This is such a cute idea :) Maybe use acorns for faces and string and twine to do the tails Please Follow Us @  #diy #crafting:

Small Decorative Acorns/set of 6 - polymer clay/natural acorn tops:

Go outside to hunt for acorns and then turn them into adorable necklaces!:

Horse chestnut craft, even though I can't stand our stupid tree!:

knutselen met kastanjes:

Skapa en galet rolig bukett av kastanjer och hobbyögon. | Horse chestnut bouquet:

It's chestnut time!   BoligLiv Foto: Nicoline Olsen:

Walnut shells craft idea / Щёлкаем орешки: скорлупа грецкого ореха как материал для вашего творчества - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade:

Need excellent helpful hints concerning arts and crafts? Head out to my amazing…:

Twig Boat Craft - Fun nature craft for kids to make:

Craft Punched Leaves to create art for autumn - Good for a fall theme and fine motor skills - collect leaves on a walk and put them in the sensory table with hole punchers:

Nature Craft Construction Kit: sticky tack, googly eyes and nature items collected from the park or garden. You can make all sorts of things!:

Make leaf insects, a fall nature craft to celebrate the season with your children!:

Beautiful pine cone fairies.    Gloucestershire Resource Centre

<b>Even if your kids aren't going on vacation or off to summer camp, you can still ensure they'll have the best summer ever.</b>:

I don't think I could love these bugs made from natural materials and clay any more!:

DIY : how to make these cute acorn dolls  #Acorn, #GreenMen:

Strawberry Acorn Magnets...just paint the acorns and glue a magnet to the back. So clever!:

Art Projects for Kids: Painting Leaves - simple and oh so beautiful!:

Turkey leaf lanterns are an easy Thanksgiving nature craft made with real fall leaves. These luminaries look wonderful both lit and unlit and are the perfect addition to any holiday table.:

Head outside this Fall for a fun nature & math activity that's perfect for kids of all ages!:

Creative Nature Display: forget turning the leaves into people or animals, this design would be a lovely way to display a collection from a nature walk.  I like the stick frame and the cards hanging down.  Would be creative as a fall leaf collection or a pressed flower arrangement.  Project appropriate for Apologia Botany.:

make bugs, bug craft, bugs crafts, easy crafts, easy crafts for kids, nature crafts, crafts from nature:

Eulen aus Bierdeckeln und gepressten Blättern - Natur Basteln - Meine Enkel und ich - Made with

autumn tree collage art preschool :: great nature craft for fall :: fall tree craft:

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Bawiliście się leśnymi skarbami w dzieciństwie? :)
Co sądzicie o takiej formie zabawy z dziećmi?

poniedziałek, 26 września 2016

Dance fitness - Nevena & Goran

Moi Drodzy, wspominałam już o moim zainteresowaniu zumbą, bardzo polubiłam taką formę aktywności fizycznej, lubię muzykę, lubię taniec, a zumba jest świetnym połączeniem tańca i ćwiczeń. Takie treningi znacznie poprawiają kondycję i wspomagają odchudzanie, poza tym nie są nudne i monotonne, a to był dla mnie główny problem przy wykonywaniu ćwiczeń np. z panią Chodakowską.
Zumbę tańczę w domu przy komputerze, nie zapisywałam się na żaden kurs, ponieważ ćwiczenia w domu bardziej mi odpowiadają, ćwiczę wtedy kiedy mam czas i chęci :). W związku z tym przeszukuję internet, a konkretnie You Tube, wzdłuż i wszerz w poszukiwaniu ciekawych filmików z mało skomplikowanymi krokami :).
Ponieważ w internecie wielu profesjonalistów dodaje swoje filmy, postanowiłam co jakiś czas robić listę takich propozycji, dla osób, które tak jak ja, chciałyby sobie troszkę potańczyć w domu i nauczyć się nowych kroków :).
W dzisiejszym wpisie pojawi się kilka filmów pary, duet nazywa się "Nevena & Goran" i na ich kanale można znaleźć wiele ciekawych propozycji tanecznych do różnych przebojów.
Zapraszam do oglądania :)

Jak Wam się podobają takie tańce? :D

Więcej ciekawych filmików duetu "Nevena & Goran" znajdziecie na ich kanale na You Tube.

sobota, 24 września 2016

Jesienne dekoracje

Nadeszła jesień, więc pora pomyśleć o jesiennych dekoracjach, na dziś przygotowałam trochę inspiracji, które możecie wykorzystać do wystroju wnętrz i nadania im nieco jesiennego nastroju :).

DIY Fall Leaf Mason Jar:

Thanksgiving Decor  Fall Wreath  Fall Decor  by HomeHearthGarden:

Fall Candle Centerpiece.  Whip it up in a matter of minutes!  #fallcenterpieces #leaves #candles:

autumn decorating with natural materials | Let autumn decorate your home!:

Haven't actually looked at these diys, but this looked cute. Make sure you bake your pinecones or give them a vinegar bath to kill/remove any bugs.:

♔ fall centerpiece..... #fall #autumn #centerpiece - I love it for Thanksgiving:

easy autumn center piece - drill holes in a log add candles and small gourds. Love it! by trudy:

Easy Fall Candle Project Use a 1 1/2 inch bit, that will fit the candle perfectly. You can measure the depth by placing the bit next to a candle and marking the bit with tape. As you drill into the wood, when the tape hits the wood it is time to stop.:

15 FALL DECOR IDEAS - Place Of My Taste:

Branch out from the traditional wreath with a door hanger that displays the season's greetings — or gear your message toward Thanksgiving with a simple "Give Thanks." Plus, all it takes to make this pretty door decor is a wooden board and some paint. Click through for a tutorial and more homemade fall wreaths.:

Fill a Basket with Leaves & Christmas Lights...these are the BEST DIY Fall Decorations & Craft Ideas!:

decorated lantern... so cute and can be changed depending on the season or…:

Etsy Fall Wreaths:

These DIY fall centerpieces and table decorations will make your home look more festive for autumn.:
fall decorating, Bloggers Fall Home Tour 2015:

You can enjoy the fall colors anytime with a display of these handcrafted Faux Oak Leaf Stems from Pier 1. Arrange them in a vase, bundle them together or weave in some Pier1 Glimmer Strings® for an added glow.:

Do it Yourself Book Page Leaves Banner for Fall Mantel Inspiration DIY Home Decor Ideas for Autumn via Sondra Lyn at Home:

Glassware, leaves, pine cones, twigs:

» bohemian life » fall & thanksgiving » autumn equinox » mabon » boho fall design + decor » pilgrims & indians » nontraditional living » painted leaves & pumpkins » elements of bohemia »:

Fall Decorating Ideas that you can use for all your Thanksgiving festivities and family parties. These are beautiful fall tablescapes. Great Thanksgiving ideas.:

I love the string of berries hanging Dow.could do this at Christmas with red berries.:

30 Absolutely Stunning Ways to Decorate Your Mantel This Fall:

leaf garland - acrylic sealer, pin through the stem, hang on a string:

Fall decor for your home using a tiered dessert rack and some mini pumpkins and gourds. #fall:

Delmosa Highlight: The Autumn/Fall season with Autumn flowers | Organized Dream:

Four Steps to Quick and Easy Table Decor:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!!!!!!  More purples in the flowers?  I would love to use pumpkins that don't look like pumpkins!:

<3 fall centerpiece....:

Quick and Easy Halloween DIY projects:

Old Wash Tub filled with autumn goodies...Indian corn, bittersweet, & pumpkins...:

Fall decor ideas and inspiration. Beautiful centerpieces, vignettes and more to get you ready for Autumn.:

Top 10 Amazing DIY Decorations for Thanksgiving:

How to make Flowers with Leaves...these are the BEST Fall Craft Ideas:

Love this Autumn Decoration:

Autumn centre pieces: festive array of seasonal autumnal offerings like pinecones, hazel nuts and colourful segments of dried oranges and rosehips:

How to dry acorns and make your own autumn decorations ~ Fall, my favorite time of year!:

corner or stage docor (daisies and mums/gerbera) possibly paint pumpkins or remove them:

DIY trio of simple baskets into a hearty display that's a treat to behold!:

Fall front porch - absolutely gorgeous:

Fill vases with hazel nuts, Once the vases are filled, fill the vessels with water. Top the arrangement off with a single mum... so pretty!:

Use faux-floral stems for a flower arrangement that will last all the way through the chilly days of Fall and Winter and straight into Spring.:

Autumn Leaf table decor Fall decor Fall by PineknobsAndCrickets:

Set of 3 Mason Jars, Rustic, Chalk-Painted, Farmhouse, Country Living, Autumn Decor, Centerpiece, Table Top:

Fall Candle Holder Centerpiece using Wine Glasses...these are the BEST Homemade…:

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Robicie jakieś jesienne dekoracje? :)